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Tenute Lu Spada Estate was established in 2015 with two objectives in mind: strengthening Brindisi’s vineyards and promoting its local produce. The Estate is composed of two allotments, near the city quarters of Cillarese – Scalella and Torre Mozza, for a total of 28 hectares plus 4. The Negroamaro variety is the most expanded, over 6 hectars (aged 50 and add years), farmed with the traditional Salento’s alberello (bush) system...



Tenute Lu Spada Estate’s wines are conceived from grapes produced within the estate’s boundaries, solely from our vineyards, on the outskirts of Brindisi, a city whom territory is historically considered to be “the land of wine”. The winery tradition is ancient here, originated with the Messapian civilization, then Greek and after Roman. Writers to the likes of Horace and Pliny the Elder already narrated the wines of Brindisi in 30 b.C. The limestone and clay-rich soils, the favourable climate and weather, the proximity to the sea and to the protected area of the Cillarese park, are all factors that contribute to the high quality grapevines which give birth to our elegant wines, rich in aromas and flavours, full bodied, modern as well as historic. Ancient autochthonous grape varieties such as Negroamaro, Susumaniello, red and white Malvasia, have made Brindisi a prosperous wine territory. As a testimony to this history are the commercial amphorae manufactured in Brindisi during the Roman Empire, whose furnaces were exavated a few yars ago; Romans used to export wines from Brindisi all over the Mediterranean. The wine pottery initialed in the roman Brundisium, together with coins minted here, are still found digging in France, Spain and north Africa. History apart, Lu Spada Estate produces wines using innovative practices, involved in retrieving native grape varieties and old bush trained vines, using traditional methods with the intent to protect the surrounding biodiversity, and cultivating all grapevines organically to preserve the ecosystem.

Our wines

Salento IGT • Negroamaro


Masada was a fortress – city located in Judea where, in the Roman period, the wine produced in Brindisi was imported. Tenute Lu Spada has been ispired by this millenial tradition and culture. This wine comes from Negroamaro vineyards with bush vines planted about 50 years ago. It has an elegant, full bodied and modern taste. It is indissolubly linked to the territory’s characteristics. Its high quality and features are given by the proximity to Adriatic Sea and Cillarese Lake.


Negroamaro • Brindisi DOC


Our Negroamaro grapevines grow 2 kilometres from the sea and 350 metres from the Cillarese protected area. This is the setting where a rare aquatic bird, the Nyroca, nests and winters. Reason why we adopt organic cultivation techniques that mix tradition with innovation.


Salento IGT • Bianco


Falavetta (or Beccafico – fig biter), is a small migratory bird which nests and lives in Brindisi, between May and September, in the Cillarese protected area. This bird inspired the name of our Salento IGP white wine. From our lighter grapevines, this dry wine with aromatic notes comes to be with a soft, fresh and harmonic taste.


Salento IGT • Rosato


Tuffetto is the name of an aquatic bird that winters and nests in the Cillarese Park’s protected area at the gates of Brindisi. The Negroamaro vineyards are located 400 metres from that natural habitat in Tenute Lu Spada estate. Tuffetto wine proceeds from the noble grapes of this harvest, processed through ancient agricultural traditions that produce this rosè wine. The proximity to the Adriatic Sea, together with the lagoon’s fresh water bestow light, color, aromas and flavours which make this rosè unique.


A great Team

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